Gestión de tecnología de información para universidades peruanas aplicando computación en la nube

Translated title of the contribution: It management model for peruvian universities applying cloud computing

Henry O. Villarreal-Torres, William J. Marín-Rodriguez, Julio C. Angeles-Morales, Jenny E. Cano-Mejía

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The purpose of the research was to integrate best practices and international standards related to information technologies to define a management framework and adopt the cloud computing model in Peruvian universities in order to efficiently ensure the continuity, availability and capacity of information technology services under the pay-per-use scheme; the research was framed in the technological aspect, under the proposal made to solve a real problem presented in the university system; as it was possible to define the management framework for the adoption of the cloud computing model, the same that includes five dimensions: business, people, technology, information and security, contemplated in five categories: planning, implementation, monitoring, support and evaluation, which are defined in 24 processes, roles and work products; which will be implemented through the development cycle; likewise it contemplates the self-assessment guide to evaluate and control the critical processes, aligning in an integral way the business strategies and information and communication technologies, in the generation of value.

Translated title of the contributionIt management model for peruvian universities applying cloud computing
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)665-679
Number of pages15
JournalRevista Venezolana de Gerencia
Issue numberSpecial Issue 6
StatePublished - 19 Nov 2021


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