Microbiome and Sustainability in Potato Crop Production

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Microbial diversity has been found to be associated with the plant systems and beneficial properties of agricultural microbiomes, which improve crop sustainability. This chapter is a review of the microbiota associated with potato crop and their use in sustainable production systems. The chapter highlights the plant microbiome’s importance in the potato production system and potato adaptation to its biotic environment, including its productivity benefits. Thus, it is possible to visualize the response of the potato microbiota to the environment and the complex interactions in the ecosystem, and the development of new agricultural practices that include the management of specific microbiomes for potato crop production. The data presented here reinforces the idea that the microbiome should be considered as an important strategy to reach sustainability in potato crops, as the use of growth-promoting microorganisms in potatoes can help reduce the vulnerability of the crop, increasing the level of sustainability at the farm level.

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