Morpho-agronomic characterization of genotypes of Conilon coffee intercropped with dwarf coconut palms

Bruno Fardim Christo, Wagner Nunes Rodrigues, Abraão Carlos Verdin Filho, Tafarel Victor Colodetti, Dionicio Belisario Luis Olivas, Lima Deleon Martins, Fábio Luiz de Oliveira, Marcelo Antonio Tomaz

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The study of Coffea canephora genotypes at different environments, and the various edaphoclimatic characteristics and techniques used in the cropping systems is an important tool in the process of identifying those with higher adaptability to a particular scenario. The objective of this study was to characterize the development of Conilon coffee genotypes in an intercropping system with dwarf coconut palms. The experiment was carried out in the municipality of Colatina (Espírito Santo, Brazil), studying agronomic traits of genotypes of Conilon coffee in a completely randomized design and six repetitions. The eight treatments were composed by eight Brazilian improved genotypes of Conilon coffee and traits of growth, leafiness and fruit bearing were measured. It was possible to verify different behaviors among genotypes regarding tree architecture and fruit production. The genotypes 83 and 48 presented higher number of fruits per branch, besides vigorous growth, along with genotype 153 which presented larger leaves and higher content of chlorophyll b. Genotype 02 also had higher chlorophyll b content, but did not develop large leaves. The genotypes 16 and 100 presented lower levels of chlorophyll b but greater leaf development. Genotypes 03 and 76 are characterized by lower harvest yield. The biomass and the number of fruits per plagiotropic branch seem to be especially useful to study the variability and may ease future studies of variability among genotypes in intercropping systems.

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PublicaciónAustralian Journal of Crop Science
EstadoPublicada - 1 nov. 2018


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